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Five Classic Rooney Videos

Rooney's silky skills make him one of the most watchable players in the world


These five Wayne Rooney videos demonstrate his ability to score goals and wreak havoc playing in a deeper role. Generally regarded as England and Manchester United's best player, Rooney’s boundless energy and unrelenting desire help form a very complete player.

1. True Blue

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney

It all began for Rooney at Everton, and he wasted little time in making a big splash. Five days before his 17th birthday, playing against Arsenal, Rooney turned exquisitely and curled a sublime effort past goalkeeper David Seaman. That goal and his other early efforts for Everton, including a brilliant turn and goal against Leeds, are in this video. Rooney will always be an Everton fan.

2. At Home in the Theatre of Dreams

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney

Rooney joined Manchester United when he was 18, citing Everton’s inability to challenge for trophies as a chief reason for leaving Goodison Park. The striker has not looked back, and this high definition video features some of his best work in a United shirt. Watch him tease and torment the Wigan defense, and score one of his finest efforts against Newcastle United at St James’ Park.

3. A Precious Commodity

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney

Like most great players, Rooney is not merely a goalscorer. In fact, critics questioned his goal return until the 2009-10 season when he took over as the main center-forward at Old Trafford and began firing on all cylinders. But even when not at his prolific best in front of goal, Rooney’s skill on the ball and eye for a pass never desert him, as this video demonstrates.

4. Roaring With the Three Lions

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney

Regarded as the England national team’s best player, Rooney perhaps more than any other teammate these days, carries the hopes of his expectant nation into major tournaments. After some well-documented goal droughts earlier in his career, Rooney has come through for his country and is now one of the most feared international players in the game. Here is a selection of his goals with the Three Lions.

5. Off the Pitch

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney

Rooney has calmed down on the pitch as the years have progressed. There was a time when he appeared to be playing on the edge, one rash tackle away from a red card. He has now managed to tone down his previously volatile behavior, with his showings in keeping with a calmer, more tranquil off-pitch persona. In this interview he reveals what it is like working with the revered Sir Alex Ferguson, who he most enjoys playing against and his proudest achievements in a United shirt.

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