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Vicente Del Bosque Profile


Vicente Del Bosque has won the Champions League twice and the World Cup once

Vicente Del Bosque has won the Champions League twice and the World Cup once

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Quiet, unassuming and completely lacking the arrogance that often accompanies such an accomplished CV.

Vicente Del Bosque does not go around reminding people that he has won two European Cups. It is not his style.

In the summer of 2010, “the quiet man” added the World Cup to his list of trophies. Only the best for Del Bosque: a World Cup, European Championship, two Champions Leagues and two Spanish titles.

Despite winning a major trophy in each of his three seasons at the Bernabeu, Del Bosque, a defensive midfielder at Real Madrid during his playing days, was relieved of his duties in 2003 by club president Florentino Perez, who wanted “someone with more emphasis on tactics, strategy and physical preparation”.

The decision looked ill-advised at the time and even more so several years on, the club having failed to win a Champions League since, and forced to play second fiddle to Barcelona domestically.

So hurt was Del Bosque by the manner of his departure (he resented the news being “leaked out through the hangers-on at the club”), that he could not bring himself to sit on the balcony of his flat that overlooked the club’s training ground. It was six years, after he had become coach of the national team that he set foot back in the Bernabeu for a Real Madrid game again.

The irony that Del Bosque led Spain to their maiden World Cup with the core of his squad hailing from Barcelona, was not lost. With players’ mentality having strengthened in the wake of the Euro 2008 triumph under Luis Aragones, Del Bosque took control of what was already a well-oiled machine and made the team even better.

Quick Facts:

  • Name: Vicente Del Bosque
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Date and Place of Birth: December 23, 1950 in Salamanca, Spain
  • Current Team: Spain
  • Previous Teams: Real Madrid Castilla (1985-1990), Real Madrid (1994), Real Madrid (1996), Real Madrid (1999-2003), Besiktas (2004-2005)

Trophies Won:

Real Madrid:
2000 Champions League
2001 Spanish League
2002 Champions League
2003 Spanish League

2010 FIFA World Cup
2012 European Championship

Managerial Philosophy:

"Soccer has changed a lot but the essence remains the same. The joy, the hope, the emotion – that's still there. Things have changed, life changes. Some things remain."
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