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Youth Soccer

Information on learning and teaching soccer to children and adolescents: how to organize and coach youth teams, as well as details on the collegiate recruiting process.

The NextGen Series
A look at the NextGen series, an international tournament designed to help young players prepare for the pressures of top level soccer.

The Role of the Soccer Scout
What is a soccer scout? This article looks at the role of talent scouts and tactical scouts in soccer.

The Bad Soccer Parent
An article detailing five mistakes soccer parents can make.

How to be a Good Soccer Parent
A Soccer Parent's Guide to Developing a Child's Game.

The Official Site of U.S. Soccer's Development Academy
The Web site of U.S. Soccer's Development Academy, the cornerstone of grassroots soccer in the United States.

US Youth Soccer
With over 3,000,000 registered players, US Youth Soccer is one of the largest organizations in the country for players aged five to 19. The site provides resources for parents, players, coaches, and referees, along with detailed information on how to get involved.

AYSO - The American Youth Soccer Organization
AYSO is the largest youth soccer organization in the United States. Click here to find local programs and how to get involved.

National Soccer Coaches Association of America
The National Soccer Coaches Association of America's Web site features all the information you need on coaching courses in the United States, including youth coaching.

Youth Soccer Tournaments
An online directory of over 700 youth soccer tournaments in the United States and Canada, with contact information for organizers and thorough listings by state.

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