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Soccer Culture

The culture of soccer fans is as much a part of the beautiful game as what goes on in 90 minutes on the field. Here is a guide to how people root for their teams, some fan traditions, and the most famous pop culture references.

Ten of the Best Football Writers
The media has never been more influential than it is now, and with that in mind, here is a list of ten of the best football writers to grace the print media and internet.

Where To Buy Premier League Tickets
There are soccer fans all around the world dreaming of experiencing a live English match and this article will tell you where to buy premier league tickets.

Best Soccer Websites
From skysports.com to Sports Illustrated, a look at 10 of the best soccer websites on the internet.

Best Nike Soccer Adverts
A look at five of the best Nike soccer adverts to have graced our screens.

Brian Clough Quotes
Brian Clough was a manager who always said exactly what was on his mind. Here is a selection of some of the best Clough quotes

Total Football
Total Football is a style of play where all 10 outfield players are comfortable in any position.

Mario Balotelli Stories
A selection of the best Mario Balotelli stories.

The Sunday Supplement
The Sunday Supplement - Information about Sky Sports' round-table soccer discussion show.

Boxing Day Soccer Tradition In England
Boxing day is one of the most eagerly anticipated days in the English soccer calendar when families can go to games together.

Eric Cantona's Kick
Eric Cantona's kick on Crystal Palace supporter Matthew Simmons is one of the most famous incidents in English soccer.

Diego Maradona Quotes
A selection of some of the best Maradona quotes.

Soccer Rivalries: Ajax vs Feyenoord
A look at the history of Ajax vs Feyenoord rivalry in Holland.

El Diego
Diego Maradona is one of soccer’s most controversial figures, and his autobiography El Diego charts a career of supreme highs and devastating lows.

How to Play Fantasy Soccer
A guide on how to play fantasy football, including details on selecting a team, formation and points scoring.

Soccer Hooliganism Films
A review of five of the best known football hooligan films.

Jose Mourinho Quotes
Portuguese tactician Jose Mourinho is not a man to keep his opinions to himself. Here is a selection of some of the best Mourinho quotes

Best Soccer Movies
A look at five of the best soccer movies.

Club Nicknames
A look at some of the more interesting club nicknames in world soccer.

La Masia
The Barcelona academy La Masia is regarded as the best in the world and was the cornerstone of Spain's 2010 World Cup victory.

Footballers On Twitter
A list of footballers on Twitter, the social networking website.

Soccer Wags Part 1
Gallery 1 of about.com's soccer WAGs.

Soccer Wags Part 2
Gallery 2 of about.com's soccer WAGs.

Ten British Commentary Phrases
Ten phrases British commentators tend to use that Americans do not.

Celery Throwing: A Chelsea Tradition
Chelsea fans began the strange ritual of throwing celery onto the field in the 1980s. There is some debate as to how it all began, but celery throwing was banned by the club in 2007.

Top 5 Soccer Magazines
Internet coverage of the sport has almost reached saturation point with a plethora of websites to quench the thirst of even the most obsessive soccer fan. But its unhealthy to be sitting in front of a computer screen 24-7, so here is a list of the best magazines available.

The Vuvuzela: A South African Tradition
The vuvuzela is used by South African fans to inspire their team. The horns were a big feature of the 2009 Confederations Cup and Fifa has declared that they will be allowed into stadiums in the 2010 World Cup.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone”: A Liverpool Tradition
“You’ll Never Walk Alone” has been sung by Liverpool supporters at Anfield since the 1960s. It is one of the iconic football songs which creates a special atmosphere at one of world soccer’s most famous grounds.

Top 5 Soccer Books
Who needs fiction when the world of soccer packs so much drama and intrigue? Here are the best books out there on the beautiful game from North London to Brazil, without forgetting Holland and a tiny village in Italy.

In Italy, Three Cities' Fans Divided by Three Bitter Rivalries
The wonderful thing about Serie A is that there is never any shortage of bitter local rivalries. Every week, it seems, two halves of a city are at each other’s throats, ready to duke it out for three points and — more importantly — local bragging rights. The three most important splits are in the cities of Turin, Milan, and the capital, Rome.

Soccer Commercials
Soccer, and the World Cup, have led to countless iconic television ads featuring the stars of the last 20 years pulling incredible stunts. Nike once rounded up Thierry Henry, Francesco Totti, and others for several matches in a cage, while Adidas once put Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo on scooters through Europe.

Premier League Fantasy Soccer
Yahoo's Premier League fantasy soccer game where you can build, manage, and tweak a team that the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal can only dream of.

2010 World Cup Ticketing
FIFA's official Web site for tickets to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. With the tournament still a year away, sales have already begun.

Book Review: I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Review of I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the autobiography of the famous Swedish soccer player.

What is the Caxirola? And Why Has It Been Banned?
The Caxirola is the 'official noisemaker' at the 2014 World Cup but has been banned from all 12 stadiums.

Best 2014 World Cup Quotes
A look at the best 2014 World Cup quotes. Who wanted to kiss the queen? And who was accused of being a thief?

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