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Soccer 101

Everything you need to get started from rules, to a brief history, where to watch games, where to play, a quick look at equipment, and a few skills to begin with.
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A Soccer Player's Diet
A soccer player's diet plays a big part in what they achieve out on the field. Here is a guide to what to eat and drink.

The Rules of Soccer
The rules of soccer come in the form of 17 laws from world governing body FIFA.

What is Futsal?
The game of futsal has existed for centuries and this article explains all about the history, rules and equipment needed to play the sport.

The Soccer Ball
The Soccer Ball

Free Kicks in Soccer
Free Kicks in Soccer

The Start and Restart of Play
The Start and Restart of Play

The Assistant Referee
The Assistant Referee

The Number of Players in a Soccer Match
The Number of Players in a Soccer Match

The Video Replay Debate
A look into the debate about the need for video replays in soccer, giving arguments for and against the introduction of technology to help in decision making.

Soccer 101: The Field
There are very few fixed dimensions for soccer fields, even at the highest level. The sports world governing body, FIFA, only stipulates that for professional 11-versus-11 competition, they must be between 100 yards and 130 yards and the width between 50 and 100 yards. Still, some elements remain constant on full-size fields throughout the world.

Positions on the Soccer Field
A description of the various positions on a soccer field.

Throw Ins, Goal Kicks, and Corner Kicks
The different ways the ball is put back into play after it has left the soccer field.

Soccer Fouls
An explanation of why referees award direct free kicks, indirect free kicks, and penalty kicks and what constitutes a foul in soccer.

The Officials
A description of each of the four officials' functions during the course of a soccer match, from the referee, to the linesman, and the fourth official.

Basic Soccer Equipment
Soccer requires much less equipment than most sports, with correct footwear being the only absolute necessity. The idea is to keep your gear light in order to allow for the widest possible range of movement and comfort over the whole 90 minutes. Here is a quick guide to what you will need to wear from head to toe.

Understanding the Premier League
A quick guide to the Premier League, how it works, and what to watch for in the league table.

Common Soccer Injuries
About.com's page on the most frequent injuries for soccer players and a guide on how to treat them.

How to Find the Best Soccer Boots
A guide to finding the best soccer boots to suit your needs.

Soccer Television Listings
A comprehensive listing of which games are on television in the United States every day, broken down by time zone.

How To Play Soccer
Understanding The Game


Best Soccer Managers

A look at 10 of the best managers in world soccer

FIFA's Laws of the Game
Here are the official rules of top-level soccer, as set down by the game's world governing body, FIFA.

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