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Ten of the Best Young Players in Europe

Youngsters with the talent to make a big splash


In this gallery Greg Stevenson looks at looks at 10 of the top young players currently in Europe. All were born in the 1990s, and injury permitting, have long and illustrious careers ahead of them.

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German midfielder Julian DraxlerJulian Draxler Croatian midfielder Mateo KovačićMateo Kovačić (Inter Milan)Brazilian defender MarguinhosMarquinhos (AS Roma)French defender Lucas DigneLucas Digne (Lille)
Danish winger Viktor Fischer Viktor Fischer (Ajax)Dutch midfielder Adam MaherAdam Maher (AZ Alkmaar)Argentine striker Paulo DybalaPaulo Dybala (Palermo)French forward M'Baye NiangM’Baye Niang
English midfielder Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainAlex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal)Englsih midfielder Ross BarkleyRoss Barkley
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