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Teams & Players


Familiarize yourself with some of the major teams and players with this selection of soccer profiles. This section also provides squads, background, top 10s and transfer information about the game’s key protagonists both past and present.

  1. Club Profiles & Squads
  2. Player Profiles
  3. Transfers
  4. Best in the Business
  5. Legends

Club Profiles & Squads

Get all the latest on the biggest teams in England, Italy and Spain, including histories, statistics and current squads.

Player Profiles

Learn about some of the best players currently featuring at the top level. These profiles provide detailed career histories and statistics about each player.


A look at which players clubs in England, Italy and Spain signed in 2012 and 2013.

Best in the Business

Argentina playmaker Lionel Messi

A look at some of the best players by position. You may agree or disagree with the selections but it cannot be denied that these top 10 lists ooze talent in a big way.


Brazil legend Pele

Some sensational players have graced the game over the years. Find out more about the men who can be considered genuine legends.

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