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Sudan 2012 Africa Cup of Nations Squad


23-man Sudan Africa Cup of Nations Squad:

Goalkeepers: Mouez Mohjob (Al Hilal), Bhaldien Mohammed (Al Merreikh), Akram Al Hadi (Al Merreikh)

Defenders: Mosab Omar (Al Merreikh), Ngemaldien Abdullah (Al Merreikh), Ahmed Al Basha (Al Merreikh), Bala Jaber (Al Merreikh), Mowaia Bashir (Ittihad Madani), Siefaldien Ali (Al Hilal), Khaliefa Ahmed (Al Hilal)

Midfielders: Hisam Mustaffa (Al Hilal), Baderaldien Aldoud (Al Merreikh), Faisal Musa (Al Merreikh), Amier Kamal (Al Merreikh), Nazer Hamed (Al Hilal), Mohamed Al Tahir (Al Hilal) Alaadine Yousif (Al Hilal), Mohammed Ahmed Bashir (Al Hilal), Mohammed Moussi (Al Nsoor)

Forwards: Ramadan Alagab (Al Mourada), Mohammed Sheikh Eldin (Al Hasahesa), Eltaib Mudather (Al Hilal), Abdulrahman Hassan (Al Merreikh).

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