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World Cup Kick Off Times in Major Cities

A guide to when World Cup matches will be kicking off around the globe


There are three different local kick-off times at the World Cup

There are three different local kick-off times at the World Cup

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Throughout the tournament in South Africa, there are three different local World Cup kick-off times – 13.30, 16:00 and 20.30.

Here are the converted World Cup kick-off times for major cities around the world, followed by the full list of fixtures.

Local: 13:30

Berlin: 13:30
Brasilia: 08:30
Buenos Aires: 08:30
Canberra: 21:30
London: 12:30
Los Angeles: 04:30
Madrid: 13:30
Mexico City: 06:30
New York: 07:30
Paris: 13:30
Rome: 13:30
Tokyo: 20:30

Local: 16:00

Berlin: 16:00
Brasilia: 11:00
Buenos Aires: 11:00
Canberra: 00:00
London: 15:00
Los Angeles: 07:00
Madrid: 16:00
Mexico City: 09:00
New York: 10:00
Paris: 16:00
Rome: 16:00
Tokyo: 23:00

Local: 20:30

Berlin: 20:30
Brasilia: 15:30
Buenos Aires: 15:30
Canberra: 04:30
London: 19:30
Los Angeles: 11:30
Madrid: 20:30
Mexico City: 20:30
New York: 14:30
Paris: 20:30
Rome: 20:30
Tokyo: 03:30


Semi Finals

Sunday, July 11, 2010

20:30 local: Netherlands v Spain

To find out more about the tournament, visit the World Cup section.

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