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A guide to finding the right gear for all levels of soccer, from cleats, balls, and uniforms to shin guards, gloves, and practice equipment.

Basic Soccer Equipment
Soccer requires much less equipment than most sports, with correct footwear being the only absolute necessity. The idea is to keep your gear light in order to allow for the widest possible range of movement and comfort over the whole 90 minutes. Here is a quick guide to what you will need to wear from head to toe.

Buying Cleats
What to look for when buying soccer boots, from molded cleats for firm ground to indoor shoes.

Soccer Ball Buyers' Guide
Different ages and different surfaces require a whole host of soccer balls. Here is a detailed guide on how to find the most appropriate ball for the conditions you are playing in.

Goalkeeper Gloves Buyer's Guide
Gloves are the most important piece of equipment a goalkeeper needs. Without a good feel for the ball, mistakes can come thick and fast. Here is a survey of the different types of gloves that are out there.

Soccer.com Store
One of the best online retailers for gear and team apparel in the United States.

How Does Vanishing Spray Work?
The vanishing spray used at the 2014 World Cup was invented by the Brazilian Heine Allemagne. This article explains how it works.

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