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World Soccer August 2009 Archive


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Inter and Manchester United Remind Us They're Still Here

Monday August 31, 2009
The Premier League and Serie A delivered two huge clashes this weekend with the defending champions reminding any other pretenders to the crown just who they were dealing with. Both ... Read More

The Champions League Draw

Monday August 31, 2009
Now that the European season is officially underway, the storylines and talking points are coming thick and fast. Last Friday, at another one of its glitzy, unnecessary galas, UEFA performed ... Read More

Notts County: Curiouser and Curiouser

Monday August 24, 2009
The story of Notts County just keeps getting more bizarre. After being bought up with petrodollars and appointing Sven Goran Eriksson as their Director of Football, the Magpies of League Two ... Read More

Inter Shocked in Serie A's First Weekend

Monday August 24, 2009
A week after the Premier League and two weeks after the Bundesliga and Ligue 1, Italyís Serie A finally clicked into gear this weekeend. Though for defending champions Inter ... Read More

Is Tottenham for Real?

Monday August 24, 2009
The Premier League table is a pretty sight for Tottenham fans this week. Thanks to goal difference, Spurs are sitting at the top, ahead of Chelsea. And, just as exciting ... Read More

The Return of the Premier League

Monday August 17, 2009
The Premier League did not disappoint for drama in its first weekend back. The Big Four all created some intrigue and raised more questions about themselves than a summer of ... Read More

Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga Already Well Underway

Monday August 17, 2009
La Liga and Serie A may still be leisurely waiting to start their seasons, but in France and Germany, they waste no time. Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga ó still ... Read More

US-Mexico: An Opportunity Missed

Thursday August 13, 2009
Ten minutes into Wednesday's World Cup qualifier, the United States could not have dreamed of being in a better position. On a clear day at Estadio Azteca, not too hot ... Read More

How to Follow US-Mexico

Wednesday August 12, 2009
None of the ESPN networks are showing today's game, due to kick off at 4 p.m. eastern. So it's probably time to explore the outer reaches of your cable dial ... Read More

U.S. Prepares to Travel South of the Border

Monday August 10, 2009
Itís come down to crunch time for Mexico. On Wednesday afternoon, the United States will roll into Azteca Stadium looking to do what they have never done in 13 previous ... Read More

Chelsea and United Set the Tone

Monday August 10, 2009
Itís finally here. After three months without Premier League football, Manchester United and Chelsea raised the curtain on the 2009-2010 campaign Sunday in the F.A. Community Shield. The outcome of ... Read More

The Transfers Roll On And Ribery Can Only Watch

Sunday August 2, 2009
Some of the biggest names in soccer have moved this summer with astronomical sums of money alongside them. Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka, of course, went to Real Madrid for more ... Read More

The Mystery of Arsenal's Summer

Sunday August 2, 2009
It has been a strange summer for Arsenal: no signings of any particular magnitude, a couple of key players made for the exit, and the fans just hoping that Arsene ... Read More

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